Never Leave Home Without It

Hemp Bar

As part of my #sweatpink ambassadorship, I was given these products to review.  Be sure that all opinions are my own.


I’m a bar girl.  No, not the kind that goes drinking and dancing!  The kind who likes a good protein bar for a snack or even for breakfast with my shake.  I’ve tried all kinds.  Some leave you wanting something else.  Some are super sweet.  Some are loaded with so many chemicals that a candy bar might be a better choice.  Some leave an aftertaste that makes me looking for more food.  The shelves are overcome with bars of all types and flavors.  So when I had the chance to try a new bar, I jumped on it.  


I received 2 bars in the mail.  I had never had these bars prior to this.  hemp_bar


I was super excited to get a chocolate one, and it was the first one I tried.  Surprisingly, it was not my favorite.  I felt the flavor was bland.  My favorite was definitely the apple cinnamon.  It had a really good cinnamon taste (and I love cinnamon!).  


I liked the texture of the bars.  It’s sorta grainy.  The limited ingredients and way they are made, make them a great bar to stash in the car or in my purse.  They don’t have a chocolate coating or chips in them that would melt.  hemp_bars


After eating the bar, I felt satisfied. It made for a good afternoon snack.  


And to be fair, I gave it the kid test.  I let my 12-year-old son taste of it, and as you can see, he declined to finish it off.  He appreciates “health food” to a certain extent, I guess.  Maybe we’ll try again at another time!  


To sum it up, I’m all about being prepared.  Sometimes my day gets crazy, either at home or out and about.  I like to have things available at all times that will give me an energy boost or hold me over until the next meal.  These bars fit the bill on something that is nutritional, transportable, and tasty.  I’ll be stashing some in my purse and my car!


What is something you never leave home without?


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