New Month! Are You Ready?


new month

February!  New Month!  Fresh Start!

We humans just love fresh starts.  We like clean slates.  The beginning of a week or month can feel very refreshing, especially if we feel like the last week or month wasn’t so good.  But let’s not forget that every day, every moment can be a fresh start.  What happens when you mess up on Monday?  Are you going to wait an entire week until you start over?  I sure hope not!  A lot more can go wrong throughout that week!  Instead of a little stumble on Monday, you could be 10 steps backwards by Sunday.  Nevertheless, we have reached a Monday, first day of a new week, and it also happens to be the first day of a new month.  


How are you feeling right now?  

Are you beating yourself up and feeling bummed about how the last month, which was the first one of a new year, went?  It was supposed to be so good.  New Year!  Fresh start!  Goals!  Well, if it didn’t go quite as planned, that’s okay.  We’re back at a first.  Reset and start today.  Look at those goals you wrote down January 1.  Gather that intention and motivation.

Are you feeling energized?  Did you have a good month?  Are you moving in the right direction?  Then let’s keep the momentum.  Stick to it.  Keep those goals in front of you and keep pressing forward.

Maybe January just was.  You look back and can’t believe we’re already turning a calendar page.  Maybe today is when you set your 2016 intention.  Maybe you just need to set a focus for this one month then go from there.  It’s one step at a time.  The struggle and thus the victory comes with recognizing where YOU are NOW and what you need to do to move forward.  


Let me know:


How was January?  Highs and Lows?

What is your intention for February?  


If you’re looking for some accountability, email me!  I’d love to tell you about my 40 Days of Faith and Fitness that will be taking place during Lent.  

3 thoughts on “New Month! Are You Ready?

  1. Hi, Marsha! Yes, I need (another) fresh start. So far today, so good! (YAY ME!) we are headed “north”, soooo there’s my sign! Thanks for all you do! We should be home by the 15thish. Visiting family & friends along the way. God bless xoxoxoxo Carmella Sent from my iPhone


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