2015 Summary, 2016 Plans


I’m not a huge fan of setting goals, especially as it relates to numbers.  I know myself, and I can get too caught up in all that and only think of the number or end result and not the process.  

Having said that, I do like to look back over my year and count up miles and take stock of some of my accomplishments.  I also look ahead at some things I’ll target in the coming year.  Following is a look back at my 2015 and what’s on tap for 2016.  

The biggest surprise and blessing of 2015 was taking a step in the direction of sharing my passion to empower women to be fit and free.  (I’ll blog much more on this in a week or two when I share my heart about how this happened and what I’m doing to pay it forward.)

Here’s how my 2015 added up:  


Plans for 2016:

What about you?  How did 2015 turn out?  Go ahead, brag a little about yourself!  What’s on tap for 2016?  I want to know so I can cheer you on!

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