Christmas Aftermath: What Do We Do With The Gift?

christmas aftermath

Christmas has come and gone.  We’ve celebrated the baby’s birth.  What now?  What do we do with the baby?  What do we do with the gifts?  


When we get something new we usually try it on.  See how it fits.  Learn how to use it.  Explore.  Experience.  Spend time with it.  Learning it.  Using it.  


Would you consider that with the baby?  The One who came to offer peace and salvation to a dying a troubled world?  Can we explore that?  Can we experience what it is He has brought to us?  How about trying on this new life He brings?  Learning what He’s all about.  Spend time getting to KNOW Him.  


As we look ahead to a new year approaching, let’s first look at what we’ve received this last year, and more specifically this last month in the Christmas season.  What gifts have you received that weren’t wrapped and placed under a tree?  Reconnected with someone near and dear?  Broken relationship mended?  Gave your daily quiet time priority?  Began taking care of yourself and paying attention to your own health and fitness?  


We were all given the gift of the Savior once again this year.  But not everyone will choose to open that gift.  Will you open your heart to receive Him?  Will you let Him come in a dwell?  


All the goals, changes, resolutions you are intending to make can’t happen on your own.  Sure, you might be able to do it for a week or two.  Maybe even a month, but eventually things will go back to old ways.  He’s the one gift that can help you.  That can give you the strength and courage to make the lasting change.  You see, it all happens from the inside out.  And we can’t do the inside part on our own.  We need help.  We need Him.  


You’ve been given the greatest gift of all.  What will you do with Him?    

10 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath: What Do We Do With The Gift?

  1. What a great post! For the first time in at least 17 years, I went to Mass on Christmas Eve. I think so often we forget what Christmas was about. While I don’t consider myself religious, I walked out of the church with a renewed sense of what this season is all about. Being kind, supportive of others, generous when appropriate and most of all, being appreciative of all that we have.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post. And I’m glad you returned to Mass this year. Sounds like it was right where you were supposed to be on Christmas Eve:) Wishing you the best in 2016!


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