Christmas Eve: Let’s Go For A Run

Rudolph run (1)


It’s Christmas Eve.  We should do a race, right?  We should at least get our run in, don’t you think?  If you’re a runner, you know that all the highs and lows, big days, celebration days, vacations are marked with a run, right?  I mean, for me, it wouldn’t be a good birthday, if I didn’t run.  I pick vacation destinations based on a race I can run.  And on Christmas, I set my alarm early so I can get out when the town (and my family!) is still asleep so I can run through the quiet streets.  I reflect on the reason for the season. I love the lights on the houses and seeing Christmas trees through the windows.  



Shelby Roadrunners have been around for more than 10 years now.  We’re a local running club.  No membership fees.  We have a weekly newsletter.  We have a website.  We have a racing calendar.  The racing calendar started about 9 years ago with this idea that runners just might want to run on Christmas Eve.  And what might be even more fun, we thought, was if we had hot chocolate and cookies and a gift at the finish line!    DSC01089


So we went to work organizing this “little event”.   We’re runners, and we like to run on Christmas Eve, so we thought other runners just might want to run Christmas Eve morning.  And did they ever!  We had a kids run about 30 minutes before the start of the 5K race.  We handed out awards to top finishers and wrapped gifts to all.  And thus was born the annual Energy2Action Rudolph Run.  


It was a great morning, and 9 years later, we’re still doing the Rudolph Run on Christmas Eve morning.  It has become a tradition for some who are in town or even driving through to visit family for the holidays.  We’ve had people from all over the United States stop in Shelbyville, Indiana to race on Christmas Eve morning.  We’ve had all kinds of weather too!  We’ve had ice and snow, and this year, I think we’re experiencing our warmest race yet!  (Poor Santa was a little warm, and Frosty couldn’t even attend this year!)  

Rudolph Run 007


For more on Shelby Roadrunners and Energy2Action, visit the website.  And because we know runners like to mark special events with a run, this year we are hosting a New Year’s Day run.  It will finish INSIDE City Hall in downtown Shelbyville, Indiana.  How fun is that!  And we’ll be toasting 2016!


Do you mark special days with a run?  

Will you be running on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?  

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