Tips for a Guilt-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

 One week from today most of us will be sitting down at the Thanksgiving Dinner table.  For some, that brings feelings of happiness, positive anticipation, and thoughts of all the yummy foods that will be at our fingertips.  For others, it brings concerns and feelings that we’ll eat too much and feel icky at the end of the day.

I know for me a buffet of any kind totally turns me off.  I don’t like access to tons of food.  By implementing these 10 tips (or even just a few!), you can end your Thanksgiving Day feeling satisfied not stuffed and grateful for more than the fact that this spread is only available one time a year!  

  1.  Begin your day with breakfast.  Don’t skip!!!  You may want to try these Pumpkin Pie Muffins I made over the weekend.  muffins
  2.  Move.  Take a walk before and/or after dinner.  Find a local turkey trot.  If you’re in the Shelbyville area our Shelby Roadrunners meet on Thanksgiving morning for a run.  (Email me and I’ll give you the details!  We’d love for you to join us.)
  3.  Take something healthy to the dinner.  At least you know you will have one option that you feel good about.
  4.  Drink water.  Don’t drink extra calories.  Plus, the water will keep you feeling full.
  5.  When it comes to filling your plate, be mindful of your choices.  
  6.  Is this a food you can have any time?  Then why do I need it today?  Save space for things like Aunt Carol’s dressing that you only get once a year.
  7.  Take a small serving.  You can always go back for more if you feel you just didn’t get enough.
  8.  Focus on protein and fiber.  The turkey and fresh veggies will fill you up and satisfy.
  9.  Taste Then Toss.  My number one go-to rule in all things.  You can have a bite or two of anything, but you don’t have to eat it all.  Enjoy the indulgence guilt free then get rid of it before you feel so stuffed that you wish you’d never eaten it.  
  10.  Sit down to eat.  Resist the urge to graze and pick on all the goodies.  
  11.  Once dinner is over, volunteer to help clean up.  As long as food is out, people will want to eat it.  Plus, it’s not safe to allow food to set at room temperature.
  12.  Freeze leftovers.  You don’t need to have Thanksgiving Dinner all weekend.  Get back on track the next day.  
  13.  Enjoy your day.  In the big scheme, it’s ONE day.  One day doesn’t ruin an entire month of hard work IF you keep it in perspective.  Your very next choice can get you right back on track.  

Do you have a tip to share with us?  Which is these tips will you put into practice this Thanksgiving?

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