I Can’t Fit You For Shoes, But……


Anybody who knows me knows I run.  So, I often get asked about shoes. When someone gets ready to get started on a fitness plan, they ask me what shoes I wear.  They ask me what shoes I suggest they wear.  I can tell you what I wear, but they may not be what you should wear.  Shoes are a foundation for your outdoor activity.  Actually, they are the foundation for all the things you do, because you’re on your feet all the time.  If you’re going to add running or walking to that, then you need to be sure they are giving you the best foundation possible.  Choosing something that important calls for help from the folks who have experience fitting people for shoes.
Chances are my feet are a different size than yours.  My body and build is probably different.  I probably don’t walk or run using the same form you do.  This is when I tell people to go to the experts.  Visit a running store that will take time with you and evaluate your build, your stride, your foot, your running/walking goals.  They can get you in the pair of shoes that is right for YOU.  Yes, it takes a little time and investment, but it’s worth it.
People do this with a health and fitness plan.  They see someone who seems to be fit and healthy, and they want to know how they do it.  What I do to maintain my health and fitness is likely not what it will take for you to maintain your health and fitness.  However, this is when I step up and say “I CAN help you”.  Just like I leave the shoe selection to the folks with experience, I have some experience in health and fitness and have learned a lot along the way.  So much so that I know I can help you find the right “fit”, the right plan for YOU.  My way isn’t about following the most popular or glamorous plan (just like those bright colored shoes that you really wish you could wear!), but it’s about doing your homework and figuring out what works for the unique you.  The style that fits your schedule, your preferences.  A plan that gives you freedom rather than restriction.  One that honors your body and works on your mindset and your spirit as well as the physical body.
So if you’re ready to start walking or running, head on over to the experts to fit you in the right shoe.  If you’re ready to be fit and free, contact me.  That, I can help you with!

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Fit You For Shoes, But……

  1. So true! There is no one size fits all in the fitness world, or life for that matter. Have you read the book Ready To Run? The whit book is great, but he has a great section on shoes and foot health for runners 🙂


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