The Day I Threw Away The Scales


If conviction doesn’t lead us to action, then what?

On June 6, #crosstrainingdevos inspired some conviction, so I took action. I wish I could just re-type the entire devo, but here are some highlights & why my scale is now in the trash😳 “Why would we ever base our worth on a number that no one knows but us? It’s just a number, and it shouldn’t consume us the way it does all too often.” Then here comes the clincher: “what is your definition of fitspiration? If it doesn’t point you to a healthy mindset, it’s not inspiring.” So I was #madetomove & this was my move….so long scale!

What move do you need to make? That day’s #quickprayer “God fix my gaze on you” If it takes your gaze away, maybe it’s time for a big change.

It takes courage (believe me, this makes me feel a little nauseous & yet free at the same time!!!). Contact me! You don’t have to go it alone!

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