Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper


No, this doesn’t have anything to do with being in a classroom and giving a test.  I’m referring to health & fitness plans and body image. We have such a tendency to look at & compare ourselves with others. “She lost weight. I wonder how she did it?” “Look at her. I wish I looked like that.”

The Bible tells us we are “fearfully & wonderfully made”. No two fingerprints are alike. We each have a unique DNA. So why would my plan for a healthy body look like your plan?… And why would my uniquely & carefully crafted body look like yours? Why would I want it to?

Girls, keep your eyes on your own paper! Stop comparing! Stop trying to do something that’ll never work for you because you’re not her….you’re wonderful you!

God has put it on my heart & given me a passion to help women get to this place where you can keep your eyes on your own paper & focus on a plan that’s right for you! If you need help doing that, please contact me. Send me a note. Leave your email & I’ll get in touch with you.

Doesn’t it feel so much better when you turn in that assignment & know you can be confident in what’s on your own paper? You don’t even have to look at someone else’s because you already know you got it right!


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